Textape begun in 1981 in Italy at the province of Varese as a work of Colombo Adalberto and other two partnerships creators of the history of T.D.F. S.n.c.

In 1987 the enterprise changed into T.D.F. S.r.l. Mr. Colombo becomes the only manager and Textape was transferred to the industrial zone at the North of Milan in a location of about 950 m2 becoming rapidly into a referential point to the stock marketing to the Italian textile machinery in particular rolling covering textile machineries for all uses from texture to finishing.

In 1987 Textape was constitute by a wide range of five different kinds of textile rolling covering but most users and manufacturers always need special products for improving the fabric adherences.

From 1987 to 1995 T.D.F. S.r.l. each year increases its invoicing noticeable until in 1997 it reaches 1.4 millions of Euro and wide range of 24 different kinds of rolling covering band. The range also embraces the resistant bands up to 230°C , unstatic, and also resistant to oils and chemical dying.

The best partnerships of T.D.F. S.r.l. are and will be the Italian textile manufacturers which thanks to a perfect collaboration constitute by proves and technical suggestions have become the present range of Textape eventhough in continuous improvement.


Milan Expo ITMA95

Thanks to Textape incredible foreigner visitors successful in the Milan Expo ITMA95, enterprise decided to invest a lot in the exporting. During the coming three years a complete and efficient distributor network allows to export Textape from New Zealand to Chile. In 1996 the Textape trade mark is patented to avoid imitations.

By logistical problems because of the continuous order increases in 1999 a new location of about 1,200 m2 was obtained, situated at the industrial zone of Cormano in an strategic position for accessing to all North Italian highways.

In the year 2001 the enterprise took the name of T.D.F. Textape S.r.l. and the range of products increases to 35 kind of bands for recovering rolling of textile machinery.

Currently the enterprise has as a project the ISO certification and an investment let to E-commerce as a commercial support to its 32 Textape distributors agents worldwide.

Quality continuous being our best priority and even the compliments from our habitual costumers since 20 years ago motivate us to continue with a constant renewal.


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