Who we are

Textape begun in 1981 in Italy at the province of Varese as a work of Colombo Adalberto and other two partnerships creators.

In 1987 the enterprise changed into T.D.F. S.r.l. Mr. Colombo becomes the only manager and Textape was transferred to the industrial zone at the North…

Technical articles for the textile industry


Dal 1981


Who we are

Textape begun in 1981 in Italy as a work of Colombo Adalberto


Natural rubber, Synthetic rubber, PVC and Silicone.

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Natural Rubber

  • Natural rubber medium grain
  • Smooth natural rubber
  • Coarse-grained natural rubber
  • Natural rubber pinned
  • Natural honeycomb rubber
  • Cork rubber

Synthetic Rubber

  • Medium-fine antistatic synthetic rubber
  • Smooth antistatic synthetic rubber
  • Medium-fine water-repellent synthetic rubber
  • Coarse synthetic rubber
  • Medium granulated, synthetic rubber
  • Grindered, synthetic rubber
  • Synthetic rubber impressed cloth
  • Synthetic rubber rough surface

PVC and Silicone

  • PVC granulated surface colour ivory
  • PVC granulated surface
  • PVC granulated surface colour
  • PVC flat surface colour ivory
  • Translucent PVC with flat surface
  • PVC green flat surface
  • Nylon and green PVC
  • Silicone: double coated on both sides

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