Synthetic rubber roller coverings
Synthetic rubber roller coverings


Synthetic rubber tapes are suitable for applications requiring long-lasting durability and working with temperatures up to 120°C. This type of tape is used in the vast majority of textile finishing machines.

Therefore, these particular tapes are made from vulcanised synthetic rubber that can withstand high temperatures longlasting against the abrasion of the fabrics.

In particular, all our products are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure a good level of adherence and great resistance to oils. In addition, we should point out that the entire TexTape range is available in self-adhesive versions in widths of 50mm, 70mm and 100mm.

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Synthetic rubber tapes are mainly used in the finishing process, i.e. all those treatments that give fabrics the desired appearance. In essence, the main purpose of finishing is to create high-quality, attractive-looking fabrics.

The products in the TexTape ® range can be used in both mechanical and chemical finishing operations, and always guarantee maximum resistance even under the most extreme conditions.

With many years of experience in the industry and the knowledge acquired over time, our team is ready to guide you towards the most suitable choice to meet the needs of your production process. Our professionalism and efficiency is recognised by our partners and customers not only throughout Italy but also in the major textile centres on all 5 continents. Thanks to a widespread national and international transport network, we guarantee delivery of our products in just 3 days from the order date.

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