Natural rubber roller covering
Natural rubber roller covering


Our natural rubber roller covering for textile machines ensures greater grip and, consequently, a more streamlined workflow.

Among our products, you will find smooth, medium-granulated, coarse, pinned or honeycomb natural rubber tape. In addition, all our products are available in self-adhesive versions in widths of 50mm, 70mm and 100mm.

Over the years, we have combined experience with the search for solutions that best support your production process. Each tape is designed to give you maximum performance even in the most extreme conditions, guaranteeing complete reliability.

Whatever your production needs, our team will guide you towards the most appropriate choice. Contact us for a quote: we’ll give you all the support you need every step of the way.


Within the textile industry, roller covering plays a major role in different industrial contexts; from weaving to dyeing to finishing. In each of these operations, the roller coverings on cilynders can have an impact on different aspects of the production process itself.

It is therefore important to choose the most suitable tape for the machines and fabric to work in order to meet all requirements. The perfect balance between the specific characteristics of the tape and the requirements of the machine used is, therefore, indispensable to increase the grip and production speed of all textile machines.

In this regard, the choice of natural rubber covering is essential when pulling polyester and polypropylene (PPP) fabrics.

To support your production process, we have products in different media and materials. In particular, we have formulated highly dynamic high-performance natural rubber roller coverings to increase the quality of packed fabric batches.

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