Covering for PVC rollers
Covering for PVC rollers


PVC Roller coverings for textile machine are ideal for machines that work in cold temperature and do not use chemical dyes or solvents.

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Textile production requires the use of very complex machinery, which is why we support our customers to find the most suitable solution for the relevant machine. In addition to affecting product yield, the application of roller coverings that are not suitable for the machines used affects their actual service life.

PVC, like any other material, must be chosen to cover certain rollers and exclude others. Basically, one should only focus on the use of PVC if:

  • Chemicals are involved in the process;
  • The machine performs sudden movements.

In fact, PVC is a material that is highly resistant to the action of solvents and similar agents, but has also proved to be an excellent defence against impacts. In this regard, the application of such a covering prevents the roller from being damaged.

On the contrary, PVC coverings should be avoided when the machines exceed 60 °C. If your processes require the use of coverings resistant to such temperatures, do not hesitate to contact us, we will guide you to the most suitable type of product for you!

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